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Mike Doughty first came to prominence as the leader of the band Soul Coughing then did an abrupt sonic left turn, much to the surprise of his audience, transforming into a solo performer of stark, dusky, but strangely hopeful tunes He battled addiction, gave up fame when his old band was at the height of its popularity, drove thousands of miles, alone, across America, with just an acoustic guitar His candid, hilarious, self lacerating memoir, The Book of Drugsfeaturing cameos by Redman, Ani DiFranco, the late Jeff Buckley, and othersis the story of his bands rise and bitter collapse, the haunted and darkly comical life of addiction, and the perhaps even weirder world of recovery....

Title : The Book of Drugs: A Memoir
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ISBN : 0306818779
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Da Capo Press 3rd Printing edition January 10, 2012
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The Book of Drugs: A Memoir Reviews

  • Judy
    2019-05-23 10:55

    I was looking for insight to the music but instead received stream of consciousness internal dialogue. I recognize the constant internal criticisms of depression and the skewed reasoning of the manic. I finished the book just hoping Doughty finds some peace and pride about all of the great and original music he has been involved with and let all the anger go. A very honest book that paints a portrait of a man's demons rarely shared with the world.

  • Barry Oners
    2019-05-07 09:25

    I think Doughty is a 5 star writer but I decided I wanted to change this review upon realizing that this book kinda made me really dislike him. Essentially this is page after page about how he got hurt feelings and about how unstable his bandmates were, a shocking display of self-unawareness after admitting right off the bat that the drugs may have affected his memory. To sum things up - Doughty meets Jeff Buckley, gets jealous of him, for the women that sleep with him and his god-like status among his followers, then spends the next decade of his life trying to capture that with his band Soul Coughing. Thus, he gets increasingly annoyed with his bandmates, who demand equal pay (which they didn't always get, by the way) and equal credit. I've read both Doughty's account and De Gli Antoni's account and they both actually line up quite well, but I must say that when you listen to the discs, De Gli Antoni's is the one that rings more true. "A band is only as good as its drummer", he says, and Soul Coughing had a really great one. Soul Coughing was a band effort - they needed all four members to work, and Doughty's freestyling and jangly guitar scratching complimented what everyone else was doing. Meanwhile, Doughty really just wanted to be a solo act all along it seems, and would get upset that the band photos didn't highlight him, and that he wasn't being featured enough (for example, demanding a new video be made for "Circles" because the excellent cartoon video didn't make it clear who the singer was). Then, Doughty became a solo act, and you know what, he did alright. He's a better songwriter now. The great thing about Soul Coughing was that they could make magic whether a song was really there or not (and really, Doughty, you think you deserve sole credit for "Super Bon Bon"?)

  • Mr. Tragic
    2019-05-03 08:49

    I enjoyed reading the book. I bought it because I love Soul Coughing but I was pretty impressed with Doughty as a writer.

  • R. Cantor
    2019-05-05 08:40

    Love 90's music? Love biographies and stories about junkies? Doughty puts together a very well written memoir of his experiences in one of the better bands of the 90's most people never heard of. Although he hates his band and the words Soul Coughing, along with the catalogue of their music, he's a poster child for recovery, dealing with your problems, coming to terms with the past while accepting the fact that you still may be pissed off about certain things. I don't care whatnhe says, their 3 studio albums aremstill pretty damn good. Doughty was one of the few innovators in a musical era of eventual redundancy.

  • stephanie
    2019-04-23 09:31

    I bought this for my husband as he's HUGE Mike Doughty fan. He LOVED it. He usually isn't a huge reader and can't put this book down. He has nothing but good things to day about it. He said it's basically a bunch of really interesting stories about Mike's life going through drug addition, writing and playing music. It also has a bunch of family history in it. The only complaint he had was that it's not set up like a normal book with chapters. Other than that, no complaints. It's a great book.

  • Daniel F.
    2019-05-07 12:25

    Even though the book says I shouldn't, I've got to admit I was a Soul Coughing fan back in the day... I guess I still am, but I listen to them a bit differently now. When I learned of Mike Doughty's solo career a few years ago, I grabbed everything I could, and I wasn't let down. His lyrics have always connected with me in a funky sort of way. There's something about the way he writes and jams that makes you feel like he is an everyman - a guy you could easily sit down and have a cup of joe with.

  • David Lilly
    2019-05-18 09:50

    Fascinating book. a page-turner for me. Mike is a very intriguing cat.

  • Customer
    2019-05-15 09:49

    wonderful and honest, goes into a lot of detail